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This section contains information about conference papers and articles emanating from the project.

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Reaching Audiences: Distribution and Promotion of Alternative Moving Image (Julia Knight and Peter Thomas, with Foreword by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, Intellect Press, 2011)

Conference Papers

'Distribution Practices in the Digital Era', Screen Studies conference, Glasgow University, July 2011 (Julia Knight)

'The Pros and Cons of Feminist Film Distribution, NERFS conference, University of Sunderland, June 2011 (Julia Knight)

'The challenges of theatrical releases: the example of Cinema of Women', Doing Women's Film History conference, University of Sunderland, April 2011 (Julia Knight)

'Distribution, Diversity and Digitalisation', invited keynote presentation for Besides the Screen, Goldsmiths University of London, November 2010 (Julia Knight)

* 'The Workshop Movement in Britain: from radical politics to state assimilation'
'Film Workshops in Europe: History, Theory and Methodology
' panel, Locating Media conference,
European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS),

University of Lund, Sweden, 26 June
2009 (Peter Thomas)

'Rewritings of Experimental Cinema History' panel
Xperimenta’09, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona,
28 February 2009 (Peter Thomas)

* 'Digitisation and Diversity?'
invited paper for Europe on Screen: Issues in the Future Distribution and Exhibition of European Cinema, University of Salford, June 2008 (Julia Knight)

* 'Consecration and Categorisation: The Impact of Perspectives on the UK Avant-Garde Film'
part of the 'Collection and Canon: Affirmative Historiographies of International Experimental Film' panel, Society for Cultural and Media Studies conference, Philadelphia, March 2008 (Peter Thomas)

'Working with Artists’ Film and Video E-resources'
Future Histories of the Moving Image Conference, University of Sunderland, 18 November 2007 (Stephen Ball, Adam Lockhart and Peter Thomas)

* 'Creating Audiences: a case study of women's film and video distribution'
IAMCR, Paris, July 2007 (Julia Knight)

* 'As Above, So Below: Competition for US Experimental Film and Video in the UK'
Society for Cultural and Media Studies conference, Chicago,10 March 2007 (Peter Thomas)

* 'The "Alternative" End of Marketing: Building Audiences for Artists'/Community Film and Video'
Marketing the Movies: Promotion, Advertising and Film, University of Warwick, 24 February 2007 (Julia Knight)

* 'Video Sell-Through and the Problem of Reaching Audiences'
IAMCR conference, The American University in Cairo, 23-28 July 2006 (Julia Knight)

* 'As Above, So Below: the Problem of US Dominance in the UK Experimental Film Market'
Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference, Vancouver, 3 March 2006 (Peter Thomas)

* 'Securing the Future: The Problems of Women's Film/Video Distribution'
Screen Studies conference, University of Glasgow, 3 July 2004 (Julia Knight)

* 'Boom and Bust of the "Loony Left": the Greater London Council and Independent Film and Video in the 1980s'
Screen Studies conference, University of Glasgow, 3 July 2004 (Peter Thomas)

'Grant-aided film and video distribution: a mixed blessing?'
Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference, Atlanta, 7 March 2004 (Julia Knight)

* 'The Co-operative Spirit: Development and Variance in the Distribution Policies of the NYFC, Canyon Cinema, LFMC/Lux and Circles/Cinenova'
Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference, Atlanta, 7 March 2004 (Peter Thomas)

'Art and Technology, Then and Now'
Multi-Media Histories Conference, Exeter, 22 July 2003 (Peter Thomas)

'Reaching Audiences: The Role of a Distributor?'
Experimental Film Today conference, University of Lancashire, 4-6 July 2003 (Julia Knight)

'The Right to Self-Representation: Power, the Institutions and the Ruin of Independent Distribution'
Screen Studies conference, University of Glasgow, 4-6 July 2003 (Peter Thomas)


Conference Panels

* Historical Struggle/The Struggle for History: Documents, Witnesses, Theories
Screen Studies conference, University of Glasgow, 2 July 2006.

Chair: Jackie Hatfield

'Chronologies, Databases and Documents: Historiography and the Qualities of the Evidential Base
(Peter Thomas)
'Albany Video Distribution: The Problem of Dealing with a 'Partial' History' (Juia Knight)
'In the thick of it' (Geoffrey Nowell-Smith)

* Cultural Consecration and its Discontents: The Arts Council v. Artists' Film and Video Organisations, 1975 to Present
Screen Studies conference closing plenary, University of Glasgow, 3 July 2005.

Chair: Jackie Hatfield

'The Struggle for Funding: Sponsorship, Competition, Pacification' (Peter Thomas)
'Agency v. Archive: London Film-Makers' Co-op and London Electronic Arts v. Film and Video Umbrella'
(Julia Knight)
'Internalising the Other: the End of the London Film-Makers' Co-op as an Artists' Organisation
- or, The Oyster and the Grit' (Duncan Reekie)

* audio (broadband)

* audio (dialup)

Video Art, Past, Present and Future: Impermanence and Transition
Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference, London, 3 April 2005.

Chair: Jackie Hatfield

* 'Inventing Video Art Distribution in the UK: Technology, Strategy, Funding' (Peter Thomas)
* 'Video Sell-Through and the Problem of Reaching Audiences (Julia Knight)
'REWIND/Artists' Video in the 1970s and 1980s' (Stephen Partridge)
* 'Greyscale Video and the Shift to Colour' (Sean Cubitt)



'The British workshop movement and Amber Film' Studies in European Cinema 8.3, Special issue on film workshops (2011) (Peter Thomas)

'The ‘Alternative’ End of Marketing: Building Audiences for Artists’/Community Film and Video Since 1980', Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 29.4 (December 2009)
(Julia Knight)

* 'Distribution and the Question of Diversity: a case study of Cinenova', Screen 49.3 (Autumn 2008) (Julia Knight and Peter Thomas)

* 'A Fragile Existence: A
nalysing Women's Film and Video Distribution in the UK', (Julia Knight and Peter Thomas) [extended version of 'Distribution and the Question of Diversity']

'Re-store, Re-mix, Re-play: Moving Image Culture in the Digital Era', Vertigo 3.8 (Spring 2008)
(Julia Knight)

Entry on the Lux for Alternative Media Handbook
, edited by Kate Coyer, Tony Dowmunt and Alan Fountain (Routledge, 2007) (Julia Knight)

* 'DVD, Video and Reaching Audiences: Experiments in Moving Image Distribution', Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies 13.1 (February 2007) (Julia Knight)

* 'The Struggle for Funding: Sponsorship, Competition and Pacification' (2006) (Peter Thomas)
[extended version, full text]

* 'British Cinema Institutions Dossier', Screen 47.4 (Winter 2006)
includes 'Introduction' (Geoffrey Nowell-Smith and Peter Thomas), 'The Struggle for funding: sponsorship, competition and pacification' (Peter Thomas) and 'Agency vs archive: London Film-Makers' Co-op and LVA vs Film and Video Umbrella' (Julia Knight)

* 'Distribution and Curation: On not becoming confused' (2005) (Peter Thomas) [full text]


Research Seminars

"Rescuing Lost History: artists' film and video distribution"
invited research seminar paper at University of the Arts London, November 2007 (Julia Knight)

"DVD, Video and Reaching Audiences"
research seminar paper at Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sunderland, October 2006 (Julia Knight)

* "The Postman Always Rights Twice: Death of Radical Media Collectives in the UK, 1989-2001"
Research seminar at University of Luton, 19 October 2005 (Julia Knight and Peter Thomas)

Research seminar about Independent Film & Video Distribution research project at De Montfort University, Leicester, 13 April 2005 (Julia Knight)

Seminar day presenting findings to funders, curators, academics and distribution organisations, University of Luton, 17 September 2004 (chaired by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, with Peter Thomas and Julia Knight)

Research seminar/gallery talk about Independent Film & Video Distribution research project as part of the On General Release season at Mead Gallery, University of Warwick, 24 June 2003 (Julia Knight)

'Distribution and Exhibition as a Means of Support' at
'Institutional Support for British Experimental Film and Video' AHRB Seminar Day,
Birkbeck, London, 13 December 2002 (Julia Knight and Peter Thomas)

'The South West Independent Film Tours: Independent Cinema and the Art Ghetto', University of Plymouth, Exeter, 6 November 2002 (Peter Thomas)



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